46. Vessela Gercheva Directs Playful Exhibits at Bulgaria’s First Children’s Museum

 Vessela Gercheva, the Programs and Exhibits Director at Muzeiko

Vessela Gercheva, the Programs and Exhibits Director at Muzeiko

There were no children’s museums in the Balkans before Muzeiko opened in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2015. Days before Muzeiko’s historic opening, I interviewed Vessela Gercheva, the museum’s Programs and Exhibits Director. Gercheva talked about the challenges of opening the museum, not the least of which was how few people actually knew what a children’s museum was.

Today, almost three years later, Gercheva says things have changed. Muzeiko is packed with kids, careening through exhibits designed just for them. Gercheva and Muzeiko are at the forefront of a shifting attitude towards children's education in Bulgaria.

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This episode was recorded on May 28, 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Vessela Gercheva

Topcis Discussed:
00:00: Intro
00:15: Vessela Gercheva
00:34: Interview of Gercheva in 2015
00:52: New Barriers
01:30: First Children’s Museum in Bulgaria
02:01: How People Feel About Muzeiko
03:15: Muzeiko’s Exhibits
05:54: Muzeiko Compared to Other Museums
07:30: Optimism in Bulgaria  
08:15: Muzeiko Working With Other Bulgarian Museums
09:15: Museum Archipelago Episode 6
09:20: Museum Archipelago Episode 45
09:33: Outro - Join Club Archipelago