34. Erotic Heritage Museum with Dr. Victoria Hartmann

 The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum is the largest erotic museum in the world. Sex scholar Dr. Victoria Hartmann has been the museum’s director since 2014, and her mission is to create a space for people to safely explore and engage the topic of human sexuality.

Dr. Hartmann thinks museums too often tell the visitor what to think. She would rather use visitors’ responses to the galleries as a starting point to further discussions.

At the Erotic Heritage Museum, there is a lot to react to: a statue of Donald Trump next to a galley of political, religious, and celebrity personalities connected to sex scandals; a huge collection of erotic artifacts from around the world; and a wall full of posters from the January 21st 2017 Las Vegas Women's March.

In this episode, Dr. Hartmann talks about the inherently political nature of sex, exhibit development with a diverse staff in positions of authority, and what visitors imagine when they hear the word museum.

This episode was recorded at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Special thanks to Dr. Victoria Hartmann for taking the time for the interview.

Dr. Victoria Hartmann

Topics Discussed:
00:00: Welcome to Museum Archipelago
00:15: The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas
00:42: Dr. Victoria Hartmann
01:15: Wall of Shame
02:51: Educational Exhibits
04:00: Sex Comes in Many Flavors, So Do The Galleries
05:00: Exhibit Development with a Diverse Staff in Positions of Authority
06:25: What Visitors Imagine They Hear the Word Museum