35. Cartoons from the Museum Floor with Attendants View

Attendants View is a blog of hand-drawn, single page cartoons that capture a slice of a museum attendant’s day. The comics show confused visitors, tourists asking the same questions over and over again, and museum board members flouting the rules.

The writer and illustrator behind Attendants View has been creating comics about her experiences in museums for the past seven years. About 60% of the comics are about something that has happened to her or around her personally, and the rest come from stories colleagues and others have told her. She wants anyone to feel comfortable sharing their experiences with her; for this and other reasons, she has chosen to remain anonymous for this interview.

By sharing experiences through the medium of comics, Attendants View hopes to demystify various museum jobs. In this episode, Attendants View talks about her creative process, the changes in her professional role, and voluntarism in museums. To read her excellent comics, visit the Attendants View blog here.

Special thanks to Attendants View  for taking the time for the interview. 

Attendants View 

Topics Discussed:
00:00: Intro
00:15: Attendants View Description
00:48: Attendants View’s Anonymity
01:30: What is a Museum Attendant?
02:20: The Early Days
03:15: Powerful Stories
04:00: Changes During the Last 7 Years
05:15: Volunteer Positions
07:50: Attendants View’s Creative Routine
08:55: Sharing Your Job
09:42: Outro