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Museum Archipelago

Museum Archipelago is your audio guide through the landscape of museums. 

By examining histories, visiting museums around the world, and interviewing museum people, Museum Archipelago critiques the values and biases of museums in society.  

Museum Archipelago believes that no museum is an island and that museums are not neutral.

The podcast broadcasts every other Monday under a Creative Commons BY-NC license on this RSS feed. You can subscribe using Apple Podcast, Overcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Museum Archipelago is produced, hosted, and edited by Ian Elsner, software developer for Richard Lewis Media Group. His professional goal is to work on the Apollo 11 Historic Site on the lunar surface.


Club Archipelago

Club Archipelago is a premium audio feed that guides you behind the scenes of interactive media for museums, and features extra interviews, observations, and reviews that don’t make it into the main show. Things are a little less rigorous than on the main show, but it still has the humor and quality you’ve come to expect. You can join the club by supporting the show on Patreon.